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Let Warren Ritter rock your world!
Oddballs in Warren's world
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David Skibbins

Fans of the Warren Ritter series are going to be co-creators of the next book.
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A Note of Warning from Warren Ritter

David Skibbins Look at this guy: shifty eyes, thin lips, obviously a criminal type. You can't trust David Skibbins. I should know! Look what happened to me. I tell him about reading Tarot cards on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. I toss in a couple of stories about being a bomb throwing radical in the Sixties. And, 'cause he's interested, I told him about the kidnapping. So what does he do?

Plus he got it wrong. Ask my therapist. I'm not half as manic-depressive as he makes me out to be. And my hacker girlfriend Sally would tell you I'm a lot more charming. So don't believe everything you read in Eight of Swords, High Priestess or the new book, The Star!

The Star So Skibbins threw me this bone. I got to control the home page. I love control! You're going to love this place! Play around in the margins and see what happens. It starts out with a free tarot reading from me, unlike any you ever got before! Plus great photos of my world, and succinct biographies of some of my good friends. Oh yeah, and there's some crap about Skibbins, too. It's his nickel, so I had to throw stuff in about his tours, his biography, a mediocre interview of him and a bunch of stuff he wrote before he learned how to write. But go the Tarot program first. It's a lot more fun!

Eight of Swords
I have to admit Eight of Swords a pretty good book, in spite of his fabrications. It won St. Martin's Best Traditional Mystery contest in 2004. That's pretty cool. Look at what Julia Spencer-Fleming said about it, and she won a ton of awards. Julia: "David Skibbins' award-winning debut delivers atmosphere, suspense and humanity at a breakneck pace. His sleuth—an "on the lam," tarot-reading, motorcycle-riding, aikido-wielding manic-depressive refugee from the '60s Weather Underground—is a true American original. Hop aboard this rollicking new series as "Easy Rider" meets "The Fugitive." I love that girl!

I'll leave you with this (it's what my favorite radio personality, Jennifer Stone, always says) "Go easy, and if you can't go easy, go as easy as you can." Later.

Warren Ritter

Photo credit: Bill Lange, LTA Photos, Gualala, CA


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