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Eight of Swords
Rave Reviews

Sun-Sentinel.com- 5/29/05 (Oline Cogdill):
First-time novelist David Skibbins incorporates Warren into a tightly coiled plot that doubles as a character study. Eight of Swords briskly moves along as Skibbins examines a man whose life as a fugitive has made him cut himself off from emotional entanglements.... Skibbins doesn't miss a beat with crisp dialogue, a unique view of the counter-culture in Berkeley and realistic characters. (Read the full review...)

Crime Spree Magazine- 5/05 (Jon Jordan):
Skibbins has managed top create a quirky, humorous, and tough character that's hard not to like. He has a strong voice and deft plotting skills. His sense of pacing is right on the money. The story builds and grows in the same way a good rock concert gets louder and faster. Encore!

Kirkus Review- 2/1/05:
How do you become the first man to win the Malice Domestic contest for Best Traditional Mystery? By creating the most untraditional traditional detective ever. . . . Warren, who seems both superhuman and all too human, is a keeper.

A BookSense Notable Book- 3/9/05 (Joel Crockett):
This is a smart mystery with danger you feel in your stomach and events that surprise Warren as much as they'll surprise you; and it offers one of those all-too-rare satisfying endings. It's a great read and, I hope, the first of many to come from David Skibbins.

Library Journal- 3/13/05:
Scintillating surrounds, a complex protagonist, and unusual supporting characters makes this debut mystery a strong choice for most collections.

Publisher's Weekly- 3/14/05:
Readers who pride themselves on their left-leaning sentiments or those who take an interest in the tarot will cotton to Warren Ritter, the manic-depressive, ex-revolutionary star of Skibbins's first novel. . . . Fine prose and a serviceable plot help offset a main character whose politics won't be to every taste.

All Books Review- 3/12/05 (Shirley Roe):
David Skibbins spins a web of intrigue, mystery and suspense with the skill of a very adept storyteller. . . Eight of Swords is a book hard to put down. . . Setting descriptions are vivid and easy to imagine. Watch for High Priestess. This reviewer will be waiting anxiously for book two.

ScribesWorld Reviews - 6/05 (Vicki Duby):
Our author has created a gifted hero character with Warren Ritter - a bomb-throwing, motorcycle-riding, manic-depressive street vendor that you immediately like.... Great job Mr. Skibbins!

Mystery of a Shrinking Violet Newsletter- 3/6/05 (Barbara W. Klaser):
The best thing this mystery has going for it is Warren Ritter himself. . . . He's a tough guy with a big heart who falls in love along the way, and digs up a manic brand of courage when it's needed most. His voice carries this novel in high spirits, with unpredictable turns, and sets out on what promises to be a fun series. I'm looking forward to Warren's next adventure, High Priestess.

NewMysteryReader.com- 3/2/05 (Karen Treanor):
David Skibbins deserves a hearty pat on the back for winning the St. Martin's 2004 Malice Domestic best first traditional mystery contest with this first in what I hope will be many adventures for "Warren Ritter". . . . You don't need to have lived through the 60's and 70's to appreciate this book, but if you did, you'll gain an extra layer of enjoyment.

Coffee Cramp Reviews E-zine- 3/16/05 (April May Rollin)
I loved this book. I could not put it down and found myself reading well after everyone else had gone to bed... I loved the struggle the character goes through within himself. This character felt like someone I knew. I did not want the story to end. I am definitely looking for more works done by this author.

DorothyL- 7/30/05 (Kay Martinez)
What a great read! I enjoyed the multi-layered story in EIGHT OF SWORDS, and the mysteries within the mystery. Warren is a truly remarkable character and it was a joy to follow in his adventures.

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