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High Priestess

High Priestess Who is killing off Satan's followers? Is it the angry girlfriend of one of the victims? Look out, she has mob connections. Is it the lady who runs the Angel store? She's got a record as long as your arm. Or is it the charismatic minister who is guarded by her own elite squad of bodyguards?

Warren Ritter, Tarot card reader and unwilling amateur investigator, has two weeks to find out; two weeks, during which he is shot at, lied to, dumped, beat up and driven a little crazy. His most hidden secret is exposed, his earliest love rekindled, and there's an APB out for his arrest. Tarot Card Mysteries Snapshots Meet the Characters And, as Warren gets closer to her, the murderer spins her own web to trap him. At the end he is powerless to save himself, and yet he is called upon to deliver a creepy and vengeful justice.

High Priestess


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St. Martin's Minotaur
ISBN: 0-3123-5233-6
Publication Date: April, 2006


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