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The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man The cops have the wrong person: Dominatrix Therese de Farge. Sally McLaughlin, a feisty, paraplegic hacker sets out to save her old friend. She ropes her lover, Warren Ritter, sarcastic Tarot card reader and general overall eccentric, into yet another murder investigation. 

To solve this one, everyone has to go under cover. Sally puts on a suit and tries to get a corporate job. Heather Talbridge, Sally's teenage roommate, passes herself off as a journalist. And Warren has to go to training school to become Master Ritter, a bondage and discipline specialist. In this exploration of love, sex and murder, the peaceful Marin countryside provides a sharp contrast to the scandalous alternative lifestyles of some of its inhabitants. As they get closer to uncovering the murderer each of them faces extreme peril, and a confrontation with their own darkest fears.

In this fourth installment, David Skibbins takes readers deep inside the minds of all three of the odd but unforgettable characters in this award winning series.

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St. Martin's Minotaur
ISBN: 0312377835
Publication Date: August, 2008


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